Sunday, April 30, 2017

I Met My Beloved Author....

It Was a Moment of Great Pleasure today to be able to meet Legendary writer from the hills of Landour, Mr Ruskin Bond, at the Tata Steel Literary Meet for Children at Victoria Memorial, Kolkata. I had got two previously purchased books which he was kind enough to autograph for me, I wish I could let him know the amount of inspiration that I drew from his writing. His simplistic philosophy of Life which came up in his fiction and non fiction, short stories, verses etc gave me renewed inspiration & vigour to live a purposeful life. What an asset has he been to mankind.

Thanking him will obviously never be enough to justify the value he had brought into my 33 year old life. Life today unfortunately is much complicated in many ways. Turning through the pages of his writing has taken me back to the cherished world of simplicity and good humour along with great philosophy from which I have drawn huge inspiration to bounce back with rejuvenated energies. If there exists Godliness in this world, it exists in his writing and in the simplistic yet deep philosophy attached to it. He is a role model to me. I wish and pray to God that Ruskin keeps writing and sharing his thoughts forever and ever. Love, Regards and warmth from the core of my heart...

Shoubhik Bandyopadhyay

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