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In Gurudev Rabindranath Thakur’s Abode, Shantiniketan, Bolpur on Basanta Utsav (Spring Festival)

It was a long cherished wish. Once when a friend was a student at Vishwa Bharati, an effort to attend the Basanta utsav or Spring Festival, was made, but it was not a satisfying one for a few other reasons.

This time The Heavens were graceful and a Trip to Bolpur on Dol Purnima, Basanta Utsav was a splendid experience. The nature has a huge role to play in the Basanta Utsav, the Weather being pleasant and cool. The Bright Sunny Skies keep smiling brightly as the Reddish Dusty Soil and the colourful Blend of The Palash, Simul, Radhachura, Krishnachura Trees etc offer a Divine look to Nature and gives one a Feeling that the Basanta undoubtedly is the Best of all Seasons... Although Nature is under a Lot of Threat today. Even in adjacent areas of Shantiniketan, especially in Prantik areas, Rich Bengalis of Kolkata have destructed nature through the Demons known as Property Promoters who have built mansions, Bungalows on acres of land, clearing off trees and making an artificial jungle just like what one experiences in the city of Kolkata. One can only Pray to Almighty Lord to protect his Creation from These Demons, who are also His Creation however!

Nevertheless, we travelled on the early morning of Basanta Utsav by Ganadevata Express to reach the Gour Prangan Complex by around 10 AM. Young Boys and Girls Dressed in Yellow singing ‘Ore Grihobasi, Khol Dwar Khol Laglo Je Dol’ and walking across the entire Ashrama Complex eventually leading to the Main Function Stage, is a Divine Sight. The Morning function ending with the Song “Rangiye Diye Jaao Jao Jao go Ebaar jabaar Agey” leads the mass to the Gour Prangan and adjacent areas where students, general public, tourists etc form Groups, sing, dance to Tagore’s tunes and even Baul Tunes, apply dry colours on each other’s face with dignity and warmth. The Palash an endangered flower however finds its place on the hairdo and around the necks of the womenfolk gathered there to celebrate the occasion. Palash, the beautiful messenger of spring is also reducing its count day by day. What a pity...
The Local Artisans gather with their various artworks of wood carvings, leather decor, wooden ornaments, folk musical instruments and lot many things to attract the tourists. A young man from Bolpur who created exquisite artwork with copper wire on white cloth, took us by surprise.

There is so much of history and fantasy associated with our Beloved Rabi Thakur’s Shantiniketan. The Uttarayana Complex housing his Residences, the Chatim Tala, the Upasana Griha, the Dehali, Taladhwwaj, the Kala Bhavana, China Bhavana, Hindi Bhavana with many eminent personalities visiting there as students, the Shantiniketan House, The mystic river Kopai, the Sonajhuri Khowai areas adjacent to Shantiniketan, the artwork of Nandalal Basu, Ramkinkar Beij, the Baul minstrels, the Songs, the Nrityanatyas, all these are so deeply associated with Bengali Culture and History.

The evening was glorified by Nrityanatya ‘Basanta’ performed by the students. The Sky was brightly lit with the Full moon of Dol Purnima and the entire Shantiniketan Complex was mesmerized with the song ‘O Amaar Chander Aalo aaj Phaaguner...’, Moon smiling brightly on the other hand in the clear skies... The Spring season is a Festival by itself.. Gifted by the Lord to mankind, who however has little care for it at times...

The Journey to continue...

Shoubhik Bandyopadhyay

(Note: All Photographs are Copyrighted by the author. Any Unauthorized usage will lead to legal proceedings against the person(s) involved. If any one is interested to use any of the below photographs may contact the author @ +919830054189.) 

Palash Flowers Full Bloomed in Shantiniketan

Aaj sobar Ronge Rong Meshate Hobe...

Ore Bhai Phagun Legeche Bone Bone..

Baul Minstrels at Gour prangan on Basanta Utsav... Kon Alote Praaner Pradeep Jwaliye Tumi Dharay Aso..

The Basanta Utsav Reaches Out to One and All Crossing Frontiers

Handicrafts Artists Drawing Pata Chitra with subjects from Indian Mythologies and other Decorations

Dokra Handicrafts of Bengal

Gour Prangan Vishwa Bharati Complex at Dusk


Taal Dhwwaj

Gharete Bhramar Elo Gunguniye

Sonajhuri Khowai Shonibaarer Haath, Handicraft Fair

River Kopai, Sriniketan
Shantiniketan - Gurudev as a Child First stayed here with Father Maharshi Devendranath Tagore
Chatim Tala 7th Day of Poush Marks the beginning of Poush Mela from Here

Kankalitola, Birbhum


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