Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Heritage in Ruins, Raipur, Birbhum, Village in Bengal

The grandeur of the ancestral house of Bhuban Mohan Singha is still palpable inspite of the palatial house being in ruins and on the verge of demolition at Raipur Village in Birbhum West Bengal. History tells us that It is from the Zamindar of this place Bhuban Mohan Singha, Maharshi Debendranath Tagore had acquired a permanent lease of 20 acres of land in 1863 which eventually came to be known as Santiniketan. Thrilling experience it is to visit this village of Raipur. Life is so simple yet beautiful. Thakur Dalan (courtyard for worship), a palatial house in ruins, A chariot used for yearly Rath Yatra, thatched simple houses, large open fields, joyous children enjoying their afternoon games, elderly folk busy with their daily gossip sitting on the open facades in front of their houses... cattle returning at dusk after a day's graze... can it get any better? #westbengaltourismphotography #bolpur #birbhum #shantiniketan

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