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An Equal Music...

And into that Gate they shall enter,
And in that House they shall Dwell,
Where there shall be no Cloud nor Sun,
No Noise nor Silence, but one Equal Music,

No Fears nor Hopes, but one Equal Possession,
No Foes nor Friends, but one Equal Communion and Identity,
No Ends nor Beginning, but one Equal Eternity...
From the book 'An Equal Music' by Vikram Seth
The poem is written by John Donne

I Do Not Know How the Old Parsi Land Lady of Marine Lines, Ms Emy Mistry is doing these days... Or Whether She is at all alive... I lost touch with her... the above poem I found in the closet of the room where I was stuffed in as a Paying Guest for a little over  a month's troubled stay in Bombay in 2011 where I had gone for a job with IRCTC which didn't last long. The Poem was inspiring so I kept it without asking anyone. Because it was lying there unattended and I was sure it would have gone down the drains in some time...


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