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Arabian Nights...Journey to Dubai, Sharjah via Qatar

As Salaam Aleikum!!  The Arabian Nights Spent in the UAE calls for a description of the same...

The Arabian Nation of Dubai in United Arab Emirates, can definitely be compared to an oasis amidst the barren Middle Eastern Deserts across the coastal areas of the Persian Gulf of UAE. My several visits to the nation has been driven by profession wherein i had to undertake the role of a professional Tour Manager escorting a group of tourists who were there for a sponsored trip.

To sum it up, Dubai is a paradise of worldliness wherein you can get all the luxuriousness in life if you have the money to buy it. In the form of anything literally. The Burj Khalifa, Tallest man made free standing structure on Earth till date, is a feat to encounter and a visit to its 124th floor observatory preferably during the night, will make one feel as if you are experiencing a land of dreams through your eyes, especially if you heil from a very small town in any of the states in India, just as i do. The m…