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Life in a Metro...

God has been very Kind to me.... I am Happy with the experiences i have faced in my Life so far... Good or Bad... Am in Bombay presently...

The Other day i had the opportunity to visit the Gateway of India across the Taj Mahal Hotel, Stood there for a while and wondered the ill fated date in November 2008 when a terrible Terrorist attack shook the hotel along with the entire nation... Memories of those smoke emissions from the Towers... did bring a cold shudder to me...

I am passing a Lonely Phase Here... Last Sunday was Rath yatra... Had my bath early and left for the ISCON Temple in Juhu, Mumbai... Very Nice Devotional Arati of the Lord Shri Krishna with chantings of Hare Krishna from Devotees... Felt Happy and at peace...

Next wandering destination was RKM Khar... and also the Marine Drive...


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  2. Hey Shoubhik,
    just a phase, will pass out soon and then you'll fall in love with Bombay like every1 does, a city that values dreams like no other!
    Let the city of joy wait a while.......... what say?
    Good luck and take care.
    Make the journey count!

  3. dear sister... ur valuable comments mean a lot to me

  4. No city is perfect, Every each one has its own characteristics and that gives the city it's fame. Mumbai is a tough city to start with, but it gets smoother with time. Wish you a happy stay here.


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